Club Meeting Programme 2018 – 2019

Open courses are available to anyone and will incur a fee. There are no fees for closed courses which are only available to Club members.

For further information on any course contact Huston Clements on 01524 823072 or you can email:

Club Meetings


Club meetings are for members and guests. There is no charge for attending club meetings but those that do are requested to donate £2 each for refreshments.

Wed – Obtaining and hiving bees – Scarthwaite Hotel, 7-30pm – 

14th Mar         

A review of the various sources of bees and the advantages, disadvantages and potential risks associated with each source.

Thurs – Apiary working party – Club Apiary, 10-00am 

5th April

To prepare the ground for new pollinator patches and sow the seed.

Sun – Apiary working party – Club Apiary, 10-00am – 8th April           To erect swarm boxes in advance of the swarming season.

Sun – Spring inspection of Apiary – Club Apiary, 10-30am – 

22nd April

This will be the first inspection of the season for all the hives at the apiary.

Sat – “Me and My Bee” – Dukes Theatre, Lancaster – 12th May

We will be having an information stand in the foyer before and after performances.

Sun – World Bee Day    Details to follow – 20th May – Practical Beekeeping for Beginners  – Club Apiary 9-30am to 4-00pm

This is an Open Course – see poster for details.

Sat – National Coronation Meadow Day – 7th July

Details to follow

Fri – Working Party – Club Apiary – 10-00am – 13th Jul           Preparatory work for the Open Day.

Sat – Apiary Open Day – Club Apiary, 10-00am to 4-00pm – 14th Jul

Details to follow

Sun – Clubs Open Day – Club Apiary, 10-00am to 4-00pm 5th Aug

Members of other clubs in the region will be invited to come and look at our range of alternative hives and join a barbecue.

Sun – Preparing the colonies for winter – Club Apiary, 10-00am to

2-00pm – 16th Sept

There will be a short, explanatory talk followed by practical inspections.

Sat – Scything course – Club Apiary, 10-00am to 4-00pm 22nd Sep

Wed – Speaker meeting – Scarthwaite Hotel, 7-30pm – 10th Oct           Topic: Pollinating insects and the effectiveness of pollinator patches

Wed – Speaker meeting – Scarthwaite Hotel, 7-30pm –  14th Nov          Topic: Conserving bees, breeding our own local stocks and discouraging imports


Wed – Social Evening –  Scarthwaite Hotel, 7-30pm – 9th Jan

Wine and cheese evening and auction of members’ surplus equipment.

Wed – Speaker meeting – Scarthwaite Hotel, 7-30pm – 13th Feb          Topic:  Keeping bees in long hives

Open Courses