Club Meeting Programme 2019 – 2020

Wed 13th Mar – Speaker Meeting – Topic: The hive as a processing centre – Scarthwaite Hotel, 7-30pm – Speaker: Pete Sutcliffe
Pete has been keeping bees for over thirty years, is a “Master Beekeeper” and has held a number of senior positions with BBKA and Cheshire BKA. To ensure the colony survives in a healthy state, honey bees collect everything they need from the surrounding area in the form of relatively simple, readily available, natural products. They then process these in sophisticated ways into such diverse items as building materials, miracle foods, antiseptic paints, and store them where necessary for future use. The abilities required for these processes have evolved over millennia to a level of amazing sophistication, but how do they do it? This lecture will describe those processes in a way that helps beekeepers understand the requirements of their colonies better.

Sun, 14th Apr – Spring Apiary Inspection – Club Apiary, 10-00am to 2-00pm
An opportunity for all members, especially new members, to experience a Spring inspection and assess how well the bees have over-wintered.

Sun, 23rd June – Summer Apiary Inspection, Club Apiary, 10-00am to 2-00pm
An opportunity for all members, especially new members, to experience a Summer inspection and assess how well the bees have expanded and amassed stores during the Spring and early Summer.

Fri, 12th July – Working party for Open Day, Club Apiary, 10-00am to 4-00pm
Details to follow.

Sat, 13th July – 2019 OPEN DAY – Club Apiary
Details to follow.

Sun, 8th Sept – Autumn Apiary Inspection, Club Apiary, 10-00am to 2-00pm
An opportunity for all members, especially new members, to experience an Autumn inspection and assess how well the bees are prepared for winter.

Sun, 15th Sept – Meadow Mowing Day, Club Apiary, 10-00am to 4-00pm
Preparing the meadow for winter. Scythe, strim or just carry away the cuttings! But please do come, we need to complete this in one day.

Wed, 16th Oct – Speaker Meeting – Topic: Bee Together Project – Scarthwaite Hotel, 7-30pm, Speaker: Catherine Mercer
Catherine is the Coordinator of the Bee Together project which aims to connect communities and landscapes to reverse the decline of wild pollinators, and in particular wild bees. The project involves coordinating and delivering capital works and activity-based projects along the B-Line from Lancaster to Leeds, connecting communities to create pollinator super-highways.

Sat, 20th Oct – Course – Topic: Ever Thought of Keeping Bees? – Scarthwaite Hotel, 9.30am – 4.00pm. If you have ever thought of owning a colony of honey bees but have been deterred by not knowing exactly what is involved, or how much time it might take, then this course is for you! This one-day, inter-active workshop focuses on responsible, low intervention, bee-centric approaches to beekeeping and will cover all you need to know to before starting to keep bees.

 Wed, 13th Nov – Speaker Meeting -Topic: Bees for Development – Scarthwaite Hotel, 7-30pm, Speaker: Bob Spencer
Bob is a Trustee of Bees for Development, an organisation that promotes sustainable beekeeping to combat poverty and to build sustainable, resilient livelihoods. It supports beekeepers to maintain environments that are good for bees, for biodiversity, and for people. Bees for Development works with local partners on community-based projects, and provides a wide-range of information services.

Sun, 17th Nov -Managing woodland for pollinators – Club Apiary – 10-00am to 4-00pm

A one day practical course, run by Catherine Mercer of Bee Together, which will include coppicing and other practical skills

Wed, 11th Dec – Speaker Meeting – Topic: Two Frame Nucleus,  Scarthwaite Hotel, 7-30pm Speaker: Fred Ayers

An introduction to this approach for those interested in increasing their colonies or wish to participate in a club project next season.


Wed 8th Jan, Social Event – Wine and Cheese Evening, Scarthwaite Hotel, 7-30pm

The evening will start with wine and cheese followed by another opportunity to see “More than Honey”, a remarkable documentary film made in 2013 by the Swiss filmmaker Marcus Imhoof.

Wed, 12 Feb, Speaker Meeting – Topic: The Woodland Trust

Scarthwaite Hotel, 7-30pm    Speaker: Paul Littlewood                             

Paul will explain the work of the Woodland Trust and provide advice on how we should manage the woodland at our Club apiary.

Wed, 11th Mar -Speaker Meeting  Topic:      Thermoregulation in the Scarthwaite Hotel, 7-30pm, Speaker: Keith Bartlem

Keith is an experienced beekeeper. His talk will help to improve our understanding of how, why, and when bees monitor and alter the hive temperature and is particularly relevant in our usage of insulated hives.

Open Courses