About Us

Lune Valley Community Beekeepers is a charitable incorporated organisation whose objectives are to:

  1. Promote the craft of keeping of honey bees
  2. Provide education and practical support to enhance the standard of beekeeping husbandry
  3. Provide education and practical support to enhance the quantity and quality of forage available to honey bees and other pollinators
  4. Raise public awareness of the importance of honey bees to the environment and the economy.

We believe in a responsible style of beekeeping that:

  • Treats the bee colony as a complete organism
  • Minimises intrusions into the colony
  • Allows the bees’ own swarming impulses to determine reproduction
  • Overwinters colonies on their own honey
  • Maintains colony density at a level appropriate to local forage conditions
  • Does not involve the use of chemicals.

Whilst these principles can be applied using almost any type of hive, we promote the use of long hives. These offer all the flexibility of conventional vertical hives without the need for heavy lifting. This not only permits greater hive insulation but enables access for those in wheelchairs.

We are committed to making the world a better place for pollinators by:

  • Creating more pollinator-friendly habitats
  • By discouraging the use of ‘pesticides’
  • Planting and encouraging native, flowering plants
  • Encouraging beekeepers to adopt more ‘nature-friendly’ methods
  • Promoting the use of native, or near-native bees, and discouraging imports.

Our current Trustees are:

Dr Fred Ayres 01524 811978 fred@lunevalleybeekeepers.co.uk
Mrs Glenis Ayres 01524 811978 glenis@al-consulting.co.uk
Mrs Jane York 07870 892008 billybead22@hotmail.co.uk


An Introduction to Lune Valley Community Beekeepers

Whilst we have a UK wide membership, our local members are mainly from an area centred in the Lancaster, Kendal and Preston areas.