Will you help us to make beekeeping accessible to everyone?

Bees are critical pollinators, pollinating 70 of the 100 crop species that feed 90% of the world. According to Defra, honey bees contribute around £600m per annum to the UK economy through pollinating around 60% of the food crops we eat.  Without them we would lose the plant species bees pollinate. The knock-on effect for the food chain would be catastrophic; it really is as stark as that. Yet honey bee stocks are declining year on year.

Lune Valley Community Beekeepers, a charitable incorporated organisation, is seeking to address this decline locally through a number of initiatives.

  • We have developed an alternative approach to beekeeping based around minimal intervention and the bees’ needs, rather than those of the beekeeper.
  • We have designed a new type of beehive which eliminates the heavy lifting associated with conventional beekeeping. In addition to providing the bees with greatly increased insulation against very hot or cold weather, our innovative hive can easily be managed by wheelchair users, or those having limited mobility or strength.
  • We now need to make our training apiary fully accessible to wheelchairusersby laying a hard, all-weather surface of paving slabs. Once completed, we will have the ONLY training apiary with all-weather wheelchair access north of Manchester.

You can help us by sponsoring the cost of buying and laying a paving slab at a cost of just £20 per slab. We only need 200 slabs.

Your action can make a massive difference so please contribute today. The names of all contributors will be included on a plaque to be erected at the entrance to the apiary.

Here’s how you can donate a slab!

Post your cheque to the address below, or visit www.lunevalleybeekeepers.co.uk and donate online. You can directly donate here.

Do it now and make a difference!


Registered Office: High Tarn, Aughton, Lancaster, LA2 8LU

Charity No: 1167725